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What is CX?

Customer Experience Management (CEM) is the set of processes that a business uses during the customer lifecycle to track, supervise and coordinate any interaction between a customer and the organization. CEM is a holistic perception of a customer experience with a business or a brand.

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Good Communication & Customer Experience

Communication – is the core of a Customer Experience Management strategy. The words, tone, and communication channels shape how customers perceive a particular brand and business. Communication needs to be well constructed and defined, evoking powerful emotions within your customers to shape a positive image of the brand. Communication is the adhesive that makes sure your customer experiences never fall apart.

Communication can be the cornerstone of a winning customer experience, whether it is part of a broader CX improvement plan or a near-term approach to filling gaps in your experience. That’s why at EDC, we believe that effective and powerful communication is essential. We believe that successful operations, whether promotional communication or transactional communication, are the secret to providing an outstanding customer experience. Customers demand personalized and relevant communications that are available anytime via the device of their choice. Working together, we're going to transform your CX operations to do just that and boost your bottom line.

Technology nowadays has revolutionized the ease with which companies can maintain great customer experience through communication. Many organizations are investing in an end-to-end platform to manage their customer communication. Emails, SMS, in-app messages, social media messages, mobile push notifications and print communications are different channels through which organizations communicate to customers.

What We Do?

EDC provides an end-to-end customer communication platform through which organizations manage communication with their customers to achieve a greater customer experience.

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