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Digital Identity Identification & Authentication (eKYC)

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Know Your Customer 

Know your customer (KYC) is the procedure of a business verifying the identity of its customers. All business verticals such as banks, financial institutions, telecom, utility companies, private & government organizations have braced KYC. Moreover, it is significant for businesses that their customers provide them with detailed information to ensure the best experience possible and to comply with the authority requirements.
However, the current KYC process is a cumbersome process that includes a lot of manual documentation and verification. Organizations collect identity information of their customers through physical documents, digitally scanned copies, or information captured through devices. But, the validation of the collected information is done manually through various sources that delays the process.

Digital Technology

Digital Identification & Authentication 

As per the UAE Government guidelines, “Emirates ID” is a crucial document to identify an individual residing in the United Arab Emirates. Emirates ID is verified for customer onboarding and delivering services to the customers. Our Identification & Authentication Solutions help an organization to securely authenticate an individual/business by adopting multiple technologies and simplifying the verification process. We enable businesses to scan the Emirates ID, capture the information and authenticate the information online with ICA database for an individual.

Software & Integration services

  • Emirates ID integration support  icon

    Providing Emirates ID integration support for customer applications & devices

  • Validating the Emirates ID cards online service icon

    Validating the Emirates ID cards online via ICA validation gateway

  • Integration of EKYC system service icon

    Integration of EKYC system/ devices with customer backend systems.

  • Improving reading capability icon

    Improving reading capability of all GCC ID cards/ all countries passports.

  • Integration with international databases service icon

    Integration with international databases (AML/ CFT, etc.) for identity verification

  • Enabling Digital Trust for existing web applications service icon

    Enabling Digital Trust for existing web applications, mobile, SaaS application & desktop applications

  • Secure E-services portal icon

    Secure E-services portal and mobile application development

  • Cross-platform API development service icon

    Cross-platform API development & integration service for legacy applications, Smart ID/National eID cards, etc.

  • Cross-platform service icon

    Cross-platform & device independent multi-biometric services

  • Facial recognition service icon

    Facial recognition with functionalities of anti-spoofing checks and fake image deduction.

  • Supports multiplatform icon

    Supports multiplatform (desktop, mobile) & multi O/S systems

  • Payment gateway integration icon

    Payment gateway integration

Hardware Form Factors

  • ICA (Emirates ID) authorized hardware devices to read card/ biometric
  • Android and IOS platform devices (handheld and tablet forms)
  • Biometric, facial recognition and iris scanning
  • Contact and contactless NFC card readers
devices gif Icone
  • OCR based MRZ (ID + Passport) reading functionalities
  • Reading of barcode and QR code
  • EMV L1/ L2, PBOC L1/ L2, PCI PTS 5.1 certified payment capabilities
  • IP64 sealing with 1.5 mtr drop tested devices