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Fueled by the immediacy of smartphone imaging technologies and the increased use of alternative media, every consumer demands high quality products at lower cost with faster turnaround. As marketing practices and print technology evolve, organizations are constantly looking for innovative solutions to help them stand out in a crowded marketplace and personalize their communications. With printed marketing collateral being unique in today’s marketing mix, EDC is here to help companies with their tailored digital high-resolution printing service.

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EDC Commercial & Digital Printing Services

Our State-of-the-Art Commercial & Digital Printing Services let you:

  • Produce outstanding fine-line detail and vibrant true-to-life color
  • Offer unique options like foiling and embossing, spot varnish, and eye-popping high color
  • Respond to customer requirements quickly and with consistent color-accuracy
  • Breathe easy with industry-leading support and training

Commercial Printing Services

EDC card

From plastic and paper-cards bedecked with foiling and embossing and full color to black and white to those embedded with QR code, EDC offers custom digital prints of the highest-quality options to make your business cards stand out from the crowd.

EDC Letter

Be it using the right material, designing the right look that aligns with your brand, or determining the perfect placement, our exclusively designed letterheads reflect the position, personality, and image most appropriate for your business.


Add a professional touch to your promotion by enclosing the postcards, folders, brochures or other forms of communication in a customized envelope. At EDC, we can print envelopes on readymade peel and seal stock or tailor envelopes of any sizes with printing on high-quality paper.

EDC notebook and pen

We offer specialized paper printed and collated in books or pads that are bound into sets using staples or glue, be it for invoices, delivery notes, quotations, purchase orders or receipts.

EDC packaging

EDC offers customized labels to showcase your company logo on all corporate giftboxes that you send to your clients.

EDC Stationery

We offer exceptional designs and presentable formats of flyers and brochures to get your business noticed. To give your brochure a unique finish, we offer embossing and hot foil stamping, as well as die-cutting facilities, to let you experiment with varied sizes and shapes. Our flyers come in matte or gloss finishes, single or double-page printing, and a variety of paper stock to choose from.

EDC Catalogue

We specialize in printing and designing professional catalogues of many sizes, incorporating charts, graphics, illustrations, and images that attracts attention.

EDC notepad

When designing and printing customized notepads for our clients, we make sure that the company’s name, description and logo is well-placed so that it will be clearly visible and act as a marketing collateral.


Perfect for promoting your business and gifting purposes, a spectacularly designed corporate calendar by EDC, bearing your company name and logo, will help your brand noticed.


Use marketing collateral to tell your story and foster connections with your target audience. EDC provides solutions to make your images and word pop, and help your organization convey their meaning each and every time with state-of-the-art collateral printing.


Print your scratch & win coupons or event tickets in the most premium quality at EDC. We also print cost-effective custom vouchers or coupons and gift certificates with barcodes, variable numbering or QR codes with a quick turn-around time.

Project Printing & Training Manuals

Bring your training handbook or manual to life with EDC, incorporating Infographics, Tables, Charts, Illustrations, and flowcharts, in various binding options such as Wire Binding, Ring Binding, Velo Binding, and Book Printing.


At EDC, we offer shopping bags printing with diverse types/ sizes of bags such as handmade paper bags, vertical or horizontal laminated bags, and others as per your requirements. Each of the bags will incorporate your brand graphics, colors, logo, and images to suit your requirements.

EDC Logo

We print advertising danglers with vibrant colors and themes in many sizes and shapes, tailored to your wishes. You can create dangler designs in round-shaped, square-shaped, or die cut to any irregular shape that you need.

welcome card

Be it your personal event or any corporate event, make a great impression with superior-quality custom invitation printing solutions from EDC.

EDC Folder

EDC designs and prints professional presentation folders of tailored sizes with or without a business card slit and pocket.