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Special Projects

Our Research and Development team develops novel solutions for government and private organizations to transform UAE into a digital-smart region. Our recent projects include

Emirates Digital Wallet
Emirates Digital Wallet (EDW)

EDW is a consortium of 15 major banks in the UAE. EDW offers a Unified Digital Wallet which is inter-operable between all the participating banks in the UAE.

EDC in partnership with Mastercard provides mobile optimized wallet platform to the banks that can be used by customers as well as merchants. We also provide the banks with SDK for integration with the wallet platform in case they decide to use their own mobile banking app.

In addition to this, we also target specified project related issues between EDW and Mastercard to come up with the right technical solutions to suit the project needs.

Nol Card
RTA Automated FARE Project

RTA is a Dubai-based government agency responsible for all transport and transport infrastructure related activities in the Emirates of Dubai.

EDC along with its partners, OKL from Hong Kong and Data card from France, have implemented the Unified Fare Collection Solution for RTA to deliver and prioritize the functional enhancement as required by RTA.

EDC is also providing operational support to RTA’s nol card issuing facility at RTA. EDC maintains the nol issuing platform at RTA with regular updates without disruption to the operations.

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