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Digital Onboarding

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Digital Onboarding

Our Digital Onboarding Solution helps organizations to remotely verify a customer and onboard them within a fraction of minutes. It has become increasingly important to adopt methods of facilitating business without face-to-face contact. The solution empowers customers to utilize their smartphones to upload information and verify it without any human interaction.                     
Our ready-to-use toolkit/ customized mobile app virtually reads identity information from any national eID, verifies details against trusted identity providers and offers integration with digital forms and backends. The customized digital forms eliminate the hectic process of customers filling multiple paper-based onboarding application forms when subscribing to any service.

Through this, the organizations reduce costs and time—accelerating the customer onboarding process with very high levels of accuracy. It also eliminates human error during manual entry of customer information into the system and thus improves the productivity of the back-office team, providing expediency of enrolling a customer anytime & anywhere.    

Why Digital Onboarding?            

As Digital Onboarding is the first experience a potential customer has with an organization, so our solutions are devised considering the following elements:

  • identity verification Icone

    Optimize your identity verification process and fulfill KYC requirements

  • risk parameters Icone

    Assess the risk parameters and define the verification methodology

  • customer experience Icone

    Good customer experience

  • Onboarding rate Icone

    High onboarding rate with low operating cost

  • facial algorithms Icone

    Proven facial verification algorithms and AI-enabled document verification

Technical Capabilities

  • Customized mobile app/forms according to business used cases

  • Complete CRO Profile Management

  • GEO Location for Customer’s Onboarding

  • Performing OCR on ID/Passport Details

  • Auto fill information and Document Capturing

  • Facial Recognition and matching capabilities with ID documents

  • E-signature capabilities

  • Digital Certificate Validation and Verification

  • Configuration and Third-Party Integration Management

  • Initial and ongoing risk screening with AML/CFT databases

  • Fully compliant application with Password Policy Enforcement

  • Customized Reporting suite