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Digital Transformation is revolutionizing new business models and new ways of communication. When the demanding customers interact with companies, they expect communications that are relevant, personalized, and effective.

Content personalization and interactive functions are critical success factors for any business communication. Interactive Communications helps organizations to deliver an exceptional customer experience, assist the initiatives, and involves the customer with relevant content that allows the customer to interact immediately—leading to quick conversions and ensuring high success rates.

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صورة معبرة عن تنفيذ جميع الرسائل البصرية

Through our extensive designer and content platform, all types of personalized communications such as statements, invoices, contract documents, insurance policies, etc., are designed quickly. Such interactive, responsive and highly personalized communications provide a unique customer experience to the end-user compared to the boring static communications.

Interactive Communications is a valuable tool to support the company’s upselling and cross-selling strategies. The interactive designs are fully compliant with all security standard features to safeguard the information with great mobile and web experience through a single interface.

Benefits of Interactive Communications

Design & Data Mapping

  • Multiple data input formats ( XML,txt,API,.XLS,.CSV etc..)
  • Compatibility with web development languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Multiple template design with Tabular format
  • Personalized business messages/ Marketing Ads and videos
  • Multi-language and currency switcher in one design
  • Real-time advertising
  • E-Signature and Digital Signature enablement
  • Easy data integration and extensibility
  • Correspondence and Template Management
  • Single design which fits for Mobile/Web & Print
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رمز قنوات الإخراج والتسليم

Output & Delivery Channels

  • PDF, HTML output templates
  • Omni Channel Delivery through Email, SMS, IVR, Print/Mail
  • Option of file attachment or through a Hosted Link
  • High Volume Composition
  • Realtime Customer Communication
  • Payment Channel Enablement
  • Realtime Advertising
  • Omnichannel Two-way communications

Report & Analytics

  • Omni channel delivery tracking
  • Customer Usage/ Click Rate Reports
  • Redundancy and Compliance reports
  • Marketing Insights
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