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We Invest In Future

With digital in our DNA, EDC has one main objective—to accelerate your company’s digital growth. Throughout your digital journey, we stick with you and address challenges with you. We use validated methodologies to simplify your digital journey and assist you to scale faster.

Why Organizations Prefer Us

We are market leaders in providing a diverse portfolio of organizations with digital solutions, offering unparalleled capabilities and a capacity to develop flexible, strategic and insight-driven solutions that optimize productivity and outcomes.

Our organizational process includes not only implementing the plans of our clients, but also offering crucial inputs and thought leadership to further fuel them.

We are a recognized semi government company with tech-savvy teams for each solution.

EDC focuses on improving the customer experience across the enterprise and the digital communication touch points.

Our applications span around Telecommunications, Digital Trust, Fin Tech, AI & Analytics.

Our highly skilled team — using ultra-modern technologies — design and implement rapid solutions that take your company to the next level of digital brilliance.

Our cross-functional teams design solutions that cater to your unique business requirements and offer dedicated after sale support.

Our services can be executed all over Middle East and Africa.

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Trusted Partner

Served by a trained, dedicated, and a highly motivated work force, who share the philosophy of commitment to our customers, EDC has managed to integrate and streamline its activities to draw maximum advantage in the ever-evolving dynamics of the marketplace.

Our significant competitive advantage is the result of the enduring partnerships we enjoy worldwide. Since our conception in 2002, we have amassed an enviable track record of completing complex, challenging projects for both small and large clients.

EDC leverages smart technology to further drive accuracy and efficacy within our integrated process. From our automated verification and quality control tools to next-generation production equipment, we have the capabilities to get the job done right the first time.