What is Digital Transformation?

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What is Digital Transformation?

In this day and age, businesses worldwide aim to get the most recognition, gain as many customers as they can, and grow by developing the goods and/or services they provide. Part of this development is none other than digital transformation. 

But what is digital transformation? Why was digital transformation needed? What are the benefits it brings forward? And what kinds of digital transformation solutions do we offer? 

What Is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of transforming and converting traditional and non-digital processes of a business, the services it provides, its documentation system and documents into digitally carried out, delivered, and maintained processes to keep up with the digital demands nowadays, as well as managing customers’ expectations in regards to purchasing goods or receiving particular services, payment methods, and more. 

Digital transformation enables different types of businesses in varying fields to grow and develop faster and on a much broader scale than they would have if they were to remain non-digital in their operations and management. 

Why Digital Transformation Is Needed? 

The short answer is that customers are no longer satisfied with traditional ways of doing things. They had a taste of the convenience of the digital world and now see it as the default option.

They expect more and want these expectations to be met by their service providers. Otherwise, they’ll take their business to a place that will. 

As they became aware of this change in behavior and the tendency to choose smart digital services, organizations had to shift their approach and digitally transform their business models. They want to enable their customers to conduct business wherever and whenever to deliver a satisfying experience, which is the core goal for any customer-centric organization.

Digital transformation not only benefits customers but also organizations and their employees. It changes the way the organization operates. The process of digital transformation extends to elevate internal processes and enhance workflow. 

The Benefits of Digital Transformation 

Digital transformation brings many benefits to businesses undertaking such a process. The following points showcase how your business can benefit from digital transformation, and why you should consider it as part of your next growth strategy:

Improved Customer Experience

Meeting customers' needs and boosting their satisfaction levels is the goal of every business. But what are customers looking for today? They want their product and service providers to be present online to support them on the spot at all times, they want that support to be offered across different channels, and they want personalized experiences that foresee their unique individual demands and satisfy them in the best way possible.

Digital transformation is the tool that enables businesses to meet these requirements by enabling them to move their operations to the online marketplace and interact with customers remotely to offer them an elevated experience. A tab is all customers need to make things go the way they like.  


When a business is digitally transformed, it can collect data easily and effectively, in addition to utilizing the collected data to get insights and analysis in order to build an effective marketing strategy, for instance, or any other business strategy or plan that the business might need at the time for further growth. 

Efficiency also comes into play when it comes to documentation and management processes, just to mention a few, which can be tiresome, time-consuming, and difficult to carry out and keep track of manually instead of digitally when your business is growing. 

Enhanced Data Security 

Digitally transforming your business will enable you to secure the data you collect. In addition, your scanned documents would not only become digital, but they are also secured by encrypting them, protecting them with passwords, and storing them digitally rather than in paper form. 

Also, when you store documents and data online, you will be able to control the recipient of a specific document when sharing it, giving you better control over whom you share certain information with. 

Increased Productivity

Adopting the right digital solutions will allow you to automate mundane tasks that normally consume your employees’ time and affect the time allocated to more critical assignments. By 

Adopting the right digital solutions will allow you to automate mundane tasks that normally consume your employees’ time and affect the time allocated to more critical assignments. By automating such tasks, you offer your employees a better workflow, increase their productivity, and help them focus on what actually matters regarding business growth and profit.

Cutting Expenses  

Embracing digital transformation will help you reduce costs in many aspects. For a start operating your business digitally will save you expenses on office equipment and storage space.

Also, by launching new technologies, you will enjoy additional savings from the improved processes and problem-solving capabilities.

As mentioned above, when you automate information-intensive processes, you free up your employees’ time. You’ll see a greater return on investment as your staff are able to accomplish high-level projects with the time saved by automation.

Human errors are known to cost businesses much as well. Using digital transformation will increase accuracy levels and eliminate the chances of human errors by up to 90%.

How EDC Empowers Your Digital Transformation Journey? 

We provide organizations operating within different sectors with top-grade digital solutions that will drive their business forward, improving their customers’ experiences and accelerating their growth. Our digital transformation solutions include:

Conversational AI

Conversational AI is a set of technologies that can recognize speech and text inputs, understand their intent, and form a response that mimics that of a human.

It is the technology behind voice assistants and chatbots. Conversational AI helps deliver helpful responses to improve customer experience and communication.

Customers no longer want to feel they are communicating with computers; they want human-like experiences. And that’s what our conversational AI solutions will achieve for your business.

Customer Communications Management

Successful communication is a driving factor for an enhanced customer experience. It affects how customers perceive organizations and whether they'll be their go-to option in the long run.

At EDC, we realize how important communication is to retain customers and establish loyalty. We provide you with CCM software that helps your organization produce and deliver personalized customer communications to reach them in the way they prefer and on the platforms of their choice. 

Our CCM platform empowers business users by eliminating the need for internal IT support. They’ll be able to make changes and manage the design, editing, and processing of the template for approvals to cross-functional departments within the CCM platform, which will help improve agility and speed up the communications delivery for them.

Digital Trust Solutions

To build digital trust and offer your customers seamless digital services, EDC provides you with two solutions, digital onboarding, and digital identification & authentication.

Digital onboarding: distance will be no obstacle in the face of customer onboarding and verification. Digital onboarding allows you to grant your customers the convenience of remote interactions. They can simply start their journey with your organization using their mobile phones. They upload their information, and our ready-to-use toolkit/ customized mobile app will read their eID information and verify it against trusted identity providers within minutes.

With this, we guarantee your customers' first interaction with the organization will leave a positive impact. 

Digital identification & authentication: Know Your Customer (KYC) is the process of identifying your customers and authenticating their information as they initiate business with your organization and periodically over time. But done manually, traditional KYC doesn’t meet businesses’ and customers’ needs for efficiency and convenience. 

Our digital identification and authentication solutions equip you with a way to elevate your KYC procedures. It simplifies the process by enabling you to scan the Emirates ID, capture the information, and authenticate them online with the ICA database. 

We also provide other services to support your business, including digital conversion, digital record management, and financial and nonfinancial card solutions. Request a demo today to learn about our solutions and services and embark on your business transformation journey.