Digital Printing: What Is It and How It Benefits Businesses?

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Digital Printing: What Is It and How It Benefits Businesses?

In the 21st century, all companies and organizations want to be present online and direct their marketing efforts toward digital channels. It is a logical approach. But in the digital hustle and bustle, marketers may overlook a significant player that maintained its status despite the digital wave, printed marketing. 

When done right, printed communications can bring many benefits to the business. But quality is a crucial factor. Smudging and faded colours don’t reflect a good image. Digital printing is what helps companies to get printed communications with superb quality. 

What Is Digital Printing?

In digital printing, an image in a digital file form is sent from any type of electronic storage medium to a digital-based printer. A program transforms the image into pixels, which are then transferred to the printer to identify colour and structure. Finally, the image is printed on different materials, including paper, fabric, card stock, and folding cartons. 

There are two types of digital printers:

Inkjet printers: work by depositing droplets of ink directly onto the chosen material

Laser printers: work by using an electrostatic laser. 

Now that we’ve answered the question: what is digital printing? Let's explore what differentiates digital printing from traditional offset printing.

Digital Printing vs. Offset Printing 

The main difference between digital printing and offset printing is the use of printing plates. Offset printers use plates usually made of aluminium. The image is inked on the plate, transferred to a rubber cylinder, and then printed on the material. Digital printing doesn’t require such a complicated process, nor does it need metal plates or rubber cylinders; once the software converts the image to pixels, it will be printed directly onto the selected material.

Despite being a good option for printing large quantities, offset printing has many downsides. Actually, that one advantage can also turn into a hurdle if there is a need to decrease the number of printed copies. 

The complex setup and the considerable time needed for the copies to dry reduce offset printing time and cost efficiency. 

Scumming is another issue to worry about when using offset printers. It occurs when ink is found on non-image areas on the printing plate, which result in unwanted colour stains.

What Are the Advantages of Digital Printing? 

In addition to smudge-less, high-quality copies, digital printing has many advantages.

Saves Time

Your printing requests will be handled swiftly. Once the image is sent and converted into pixels the printing process will kick off instantly. 

Smaller Quantities

Maybe you want to print a trial batch of brochures, packaging, etc., to see how good customers will receive them. Digital printing provides better control over the number of prints.

Personalised Printing and Variability

Going the extra mile is always appreciated in the business world. Personalisation is one of the core advantages of digital printing. When you need to print unique pieces that have different names, code numbers, addresses, etc., digital printing is the only way to go.

Last Minute Changes Are Easier

Compared with offset printing, changes are easier to make in digital printing. The offset printer plate must be altered, which will take time. While in digital printing, sending the updated image will get the printing process back on track.

Eco Friendly

Digital printers produce less CO2 emissions than traditional printers. Offering on-demand printing and placing smaller orders, digital printing also helps reduce waste, which works for the business and the environment.

Top-Grade Digital Printing Services

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