Digital Onboarding: Accelerating Customer Acquisition

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Digital Onboarding: Accelerating Customer Acquisition

Onboard a customer fast and realize the revenue faster!

Onboarding appears to be a tedious and error-prone process during enterprise-customer initiation engagement. The biggest challenge involves delays in service activation, primarily due to the lack of process clarity and interaction failures with the customers. Earlier, onboarding was predominantly an onsite process that required customer's physical presence at a service point. It now takes less than a minute with a few clicks on the smartphone using customizable apps. 

According to Statista, the smartphone penetration in the UAE is estimated to reach 96% by the year 2025. The process of digitally onboarding your customer is simple and less time-consuming wherein your customer can onboard themselves in fraction of minutes. 

On the customer front, the Onboarding Platform is a fully automated mobile application that guides the customer to onboard themselves by providing their Identity Card details and their consent for the requested E-Services. The onboarding process involves facial recognition, hologram detection through 3D light scatter capture, MRZ data collation and IT backend ID reconciliation. Moreover, the secure feature of OTP authentication is an initial check ensuring the privacy of the customer.

From the Business side, the organization can access the dashboard with statistics relating to the self-registration of customers. The submitted details and attachments can be reviewed and the registration can be approved upon successful verification.

Your organization will benefit from the multiple perks of having a Digital Onboarding Solution.

• Paperless and error-free approach
• Eliminates the process of customer filling-in multiple application forms
• High onboarding rate with low operating cost
• Eliminates human error during the manual entry thus enhancing productivity
• Customers have the convenience of enrolling anytime and anywhere

With UAE Pass in its early adoption stage, the future holds inclination towards digitization. EDC offers scalability with customization, for companies that want to be future ready. If yours is one such organization, we look forward to engaging with you on the Digital Onboarding Solution.