Annual General Meetings made easy, Event Organizers to the rescue!

الرئيسية أخبار ومدونات Annual General Meetings made easy, Event Organizers to the rescue!
Annual General Meetings made easy, Event Organizers to the rescue!

AGM is considered as a very critical and important event of the year. If done efficiently, can well communicate and engage key stakeholders and members in the business – results in your organization’s AGM being way more than just a financial wrap-up. An event organizer have their hands involved in two major spheres, Pre event preparations and arrangements during the event.

Pre Event Arrangements

The prime agenda of this phase is to develop all the contents for the meetings and effectively reaching out to the expected participants through all the possible channels. It comprises of many sub phases.

  • Data Management solution:

Data is powerful yet populating. This populating data it is likely to get duplicated due to several conditions. Managing and customizing the data needs special tools and technologies.  Cleaning the data list and standardizing the data as per postal system regulations are first and foremost task of pre events arrangements.

  • Unique Printing services:

Even in this digital world, print materials are an inevitable component in AGM. At the same time, printing requires a lot of resources in the form of raw materials, man power, infrastructure etc. However it can be a hassle free task if in the hands of an expert event organizers who manages all the below aspects.

  • Printing AGM Invitations
  • Generating Invitations in PDF format
  • Producing stationeries (Envelopes and Letters)

A nicely printed invitations in the widely accepted format speaks for itself.

  • Managing Registered Mail

This part demands enough experience and knowledge of the procedures. The following are the major activities to be undertaken.

  • Arranging RR codes from Emirates Post
  • Database Uploading to Postal Systems
  • Dispatch Services
  • Mailing on time as per ASCA rules and regulations

These jobs are safe in the hands of companies like EDC, who are a subsidiary member of Postal Group. Their immense experience in the concerned fields and extensive knowledge makes the entire task efficient and accurate.

  • Contacting Shareholders

Dedicated professionals are assigned to contact stakeholders through Telephone, Email or Fax to establish communication. They are also responsible for arranging proxy services.

  • Content deigning and creation

This is an area that expects major creative inputs. Creation and development of all the marketing activities, informative contents and reports happens at this stage. The following shows a few of it.

Preparing invitation including letters and envelopes

  • Printing banners, Roll Ups etc
  • Publishing newspaper Advertisement to ensure the adequate publicity
  • Push notifications through online channels
  • Preparing financial Reports/ Books

Arrangements during the event

The prime agenda of this phase to plan and execute the complete activities during the event.

  • Arranging the complete event set ups

It has a 360 degree approach that covers all the arrangements at the venue. Right from selecting the venue to making the seating arrangements and the entire hall infrastructure as listed below will be done by the even organizers.

  • hotel booking
  • tables set ups
  • immediate translation services
  • Branding materials (roll ups, banners, drop banners, etc.)

  • Automating the full attendance process

It is very important to effectively invite the desired members for the event. Hence it is equally important to mark the presence of the shown up participants. An expert partner can fully automate and organize the following activities which can generate an accurate and systematic attendance reports

  • Arranging professional attendance kiosks and bar code readers
  • Live attendance screening on back drop screens
  • Generating an immediate attendance report as per ASCA standards

  • Automating the full voting process

Voting to select the executive board members and also the candidates for the key position is regarded as a prime agenda for conducting AGM. So no way the quality of conduct can be compromised. It is wise to choose the partners who can automate the following activities in the most organized and systematic way.

  • Fully automated audited voting system
  • Board of director voting system
  • Resolutions voting system
  • Generating an immediate voting report as per ASCA standards

AGM being a prestigious event for an organization, the proper and organized way of conducting is unavoidable. Fortunately companies like EDC who are an expert in conducting AGM over last many years can help you to make the life easier. Since these companies already have the infrastructure, resources and enough experience to do this, they can ensure a successful AGM for your organization within a reasonable budget.